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I just found the best little book ever at my local bookstore. (Fear not, I have not converted to UKIP). Here is the back cover: I was ready to get all indignant that this was sitting next to the till at my beloved local book shop. That was until I opened it: There was literally nothing in it. All th...
"communism only works on paper" yeah because every time a country moves towards anything even slightly resembling socialism the u.s. will inevitably barge in and put a military dictator in place so as to keep their capitalist monopolies running
  • Person:What's your name, Prime Minister?
  • Prime Minister David Cameron:Well, that is a very good question. I think the British people deserve to know exactly who they're getting, and what kind of person they are. As you all know, I do represent the British people, and so they deserve to know exactly who I am. The British people deserve the answer, so thank you for asking that question for them.
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tumblr is naturally dominated by american politics at the moment but this is a reminder for all eligible voters in the UK: you need to register to vote by the end of May in order to be able to vote in the EU referendum which is taking place on June 23rdthere are a number of ways you can vote: if you...
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also i know most political posts on tumblr are aimed at americans, butdear Canadians:there is a federal election on October 19th, 2015. don’t let conservatives win again. register to vote and follow throughplease please please + thank you.
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so, in the last week or so, Britain’s great Prime Minister, David Cameron, has appointed: a Disabilities Minister who voted against benefits for disabled children and cancer patientsan Equalities Minister who previously voted against gay marriage in the UK (and has since changed her mind and says sh...
All you insufferable hipsters and professional malcontents who are too cool to vote because you think it makes no difference can look up what just happened in Alberta and then officially kiss my Canadian ass. The most conservative province in the entire country just broke a 44 year record of electin...
People are frustrated with Congress, and part of the reason, of course, is gridlock. But mostly it’s because they see a Congress that ...
Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls.
When Harper doesn’t get re-elected
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nigel farage: *is racist*natalie bennett: *calls him out*nicola sturgeon: *calls him out*leanne wood: *calls him out*nigel farage: *gets challenged to a sword duel*ed miliband: *stares into camera* fight me camerondavid cameron: *avoids everyone*
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