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My dog does this thing where if she thinks I’m crying she’ll...
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Lavender Town
Starvin Marvin 
Beautiful orchestrated rendition of Lavender Town.Credit: [x]
LGBT Pansexual asexual FCKH8 fckh8.com poopular post her eit is
what did you just say to me you little
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you identify as a girl? cool you identify as a boy? cool you identify as non-binary? cool you identify as a fish monster who lives in the sewers and comes out only on full moons? thats kind of weird but ok
if i rap the danny phantom theme will u date me
dont u wish your girlfriend was hot like me dont u wish your girlfriend was a freak like me dontchaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Big Bang gd g-dragon 1k+ poopular i dont have ps here damn
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this should win an oscar
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