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I don’t like pop music
I never cared for Britney’s #1 hit singles, yet I love how she picked herself up when the world was ripping her apart. The way she smiles today is the greatest testament on how one’s able to defeat all odds.I’ve heard only two Nicki Minaj songs in my entire life, yet I adore her - she’s witty, outsp...
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Pop-punk problem #25
When your flannel clashes with your friend’s flannel so you can’t walk next to them for the whole day
Pop-punk problem #64
When you’re out to eat with friends and don’t order anything because you spent your money on band merch, but it doesn’t matter because your shirt is cooler than any of theirs
Pop-punk problem #104
When it doesn’t rain in July
Pop-punk problem #118
When Maria doesn’t count you in
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Pop-punk problem #62
When you spent all of your graduation money on an unfinished tattoo
Pop-punk problem #83
When you can hit on drums harder than you hit on people
Pop-punk problem #105
When life’s definitely out to get you
Pop-punk problem #108
When State Champs can’t get around the world and back because they drive an unreliable van like every other pop-punk band
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Pop-punk problem #101
When your physics teacher tells you that exiting a mosh pit with both shoes still on doesn’t count as homework