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my gifs mine the hobbit i am so sorry dos Thorin because you're worth it hobbitedit my hobbit didn't even phase him level of badassery? over 9000 look at that hair bounce in the last gif loreal baby omg i'm a meme factory at least it's just in the tags
Fetishes are literally viewed as fake forms of attraction. The fetish concept is used to delegitimatize attraction to any and all bodies tha...
mine edit other tweets i made a thing with tweets that help me get through the day :) hopefully it helps if any of you feel down right now! i love you guys soo much okay? smileee incase you're sad
LOL doctor who dw Eleven river song her face i love this scene hannahsgifs dwedit river song edit rd edit River and Eleven look how happy she is making things again Brace yourselves guys now that I have time I will be making lots of things
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How it feels like when you're on your way home from the last day of school
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:) me love Jesus God grace saved by Grace
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I am powerful I am in charge of my life I decide what I accept I define who I am I am enough I am worthy I am happy I am wise I am courageous I am beautiful I am loved I am perfect as I am
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love all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth g worth it this took me forever Time Bomb but i love it damned if I do ya poppin champagne I feel like dancin king of all kings a love like war the leg thing
mine Graphic sehun 3k *s sehunday Milk skin this is like not even forth of what i want to write
klaine glee otp: you're the love of my life this makes sense right just go with it how let it snow is bw i'll never recover
One Direction liam payne ** edits lp fixed it TMH you're so cute i love you these are better and it's all of it