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so liam got a d tattoo it could stand for anything really doggies dance (parties) douggie des moines (iowa) dookie doodoo double (penetration)
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mine YouTube reaction gifs danisnotonfire how to speak internet so many gif possibilities in this video
Science fiction can, and should, be about reimagining social possibilities, not just blowing shit up...
Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Illustration art painting creative clock watercolor to evil rainbow hair notepad chainsaw pad padlock possibilities open your mind dont hug me im scared dhmis shall I
motivation inspiration brotips sub never trying try realize effort happened tried possibilities sooner 2559 oh sweet A- that means I would've gotten a D+ would've
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i fucked up the old flowchart some possibilities are so horrid that they don't come to mind
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** Teen Wolf Holland Roden allison argent Crystal Reed lydia martin show: teen wolf allydia twedit ch: allison argent teenwolfedit ch: lydia martin *teenwolf my contribution to the sexual tension and possibilities tattoo brought make me your private whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
RUSSIA HAS DECLARED THAT THEY’RE INVADING UKRAINE OFFICIALLY. NOT EVEN HIDING BEHIND OLD AGREEMENTS. Britain has to aid the Ukrainians against the Russians now,  America warned Russia not to, with consequences if they did, so now they’re involved,  Canada was looking into what Russia was doing to se...
Angels Ribé