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my gifs r5 sexy bastard ross lynch LIKE THAT R5Family has anyone seen idle hands? only i wouldn't want to kill people i'd just touch him all day reincarnation possibilities
mygif Bradley James Merlin colin morgan merthur pratleyjames
** Teen Wolf Holland Roden allison argent Crystal Reed lydia martin show: teen wolf allydia twedit ch: allison argent teenwolfedit ch: lydia martin *teenwolf my contribution to the sexual tension and possibilities tattoo brought make me your private whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
out of thunder;; wishlist;; [ i saw this on AO3. obv the AU idea is not mine pls. ] [ there are so many possibilities to this AU tbh. ] [ also: yes. i'm around. i'm lurking. shush. ]
* Marvel guardians of the galaxy marveledit gotgedit gamoras so many colouring possibilities with this movie
Angels Ribé
RUSSIA HAS DECLARED THAT THEY’RE INVADING UKRAINE OFFICIALLY. NOT EVEN HIDING BEHIND OLD AGREEMENTS. Britain has to aid the Ukrainians against the Russians now,  America warned Russia not to, with consequences if they did, so now they’re involved,  Canada was looking into what Russia was doing to se...
I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a li...
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1k mine Steve Rogers Marvel 2x14 skye phil coulson mcu AOS agents of shield aosedit aos spoilers Love in the time of Hydra ugh these gifs are super shitty sorry but i just lOVE THIS NEW CANON FACT OKAY THINK OF ALL THE FIC POSSIBILITIES
love depressed suicide lovely Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens sws pierce the veil Bring Me The Horizon help bmth oliver sykes cut cuts Asking Alexandria vic fuentes austin carlile bands sadness help me dont Danny Worsnop understand Jenna McDougall selfharm possibilities dont do it possitive suicide guys possitive things
the possibilities are endless jack falahee htgawm cast jackfalaheeedit i like that he has so many dumb tweets to choose from for captions
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** mine game of thrones *GOT gotedit got edit *picspam asoiafedit gameofthronesdaily