• * 10k Shakira the voice oh my god i love you voldermorte •
* 10k Shakira the voice oh my god i love you * 10k Shakira the voice oh my god i love you
* 10k Shakira the voice oh my god i love you * 10k Shakira the voice oh my god i love you

how to win someone over: by shakira

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  • they're looking at the menu
  • cashier:are you guys ready to order?
  • exo:kris what did he say?
  • kris:he said if you guys are ready to order. What do you guys want?
  • kai, d.o, and chanyeol:we want pasta!
  • chen and luhan:we'll get those sandwiches!
  • tao:gege I waaant what you're geeeting (╯3╰)
  • lay and suho:Do they sell bulgogi here?
  • ...
Tom Felton interview gifs dramione okay so this girl in the audience was like 'oh my god' and i love her. it's so funny. she sounded so scandalized like 'why the fuck would you say that to tom felton. to tom fucking felton. like are you crazy?'
doctor who mine David Tennant Billie Piper 10k sean gallagher oh god i need to get better quality versions of my dw episodes ahahah only the gif of cassandra!rose looks somewhat decent buT OH WELL
My goal in life is to be like the parents from Easy A
i love you 1000 Jared Padalecki oh my god editz happy birthday bb :')) 30 kfjsdkfdsk ALL GROWN UP
my stuff Chris Hemsworth Thor avengers
LOL The Hunger Games oh my god xd Cato oh my god you guys hunger games the musical
edits naruto itachi uchiha i'm not here uchiha itachi and perfect but who cares *naruto he has changed the definition of king and martyr and brother oh god i literally love him so much i'm crying again lost it when i saw him cry how can i feel this way about a fictional character BETTER THAN ALL YOUR FAVES IF U STILL HATE HIM AFTER EVERYTHING LET ME DRAG YOU ALONG WHEN I JUMP OFF A CLIFF king of my soul you will forever own my heart I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE
twitter andrew scott BAFTA oh my god whatare you i hate you somuch
Liz Lemon 30 rock oh my god I love her character