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are you a deer because im going to run you over
omg its almost 2013 it feels like 1492 was just yesterday
you may have a hot body but i have a hot bucket of fried chicken so whos the real winner here
is there a way to clear my life history
hot people who are also funny shouldnt exist
sometimes i have to see a post five times before i decide that its reblog worthy
i wish chickens could mate after theyve been fried so like they could have babies and i could have more fried chicken
my biggest fear is jeans going out of style
i wont be happy until it rains chicken nuggets
hey guys this is a picture of ed sheeran when he was little  okay enjoy the rest of your day 
hi can i have two cheeseburgers ketchup only and a small bag of cocaine
a white girl walks into a bar and asks for a frappuccino