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So… You know the whole dragons kidnap virgin princesses and all that? What if they “kidnapped” them to protect them from men? What if they taught them out to be dragons and how to fight back against knights who only saw them as prizes? What if dragons aren’t born? Buy rather they’re taught. All drag...
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"Where the hell do you live" The answer is hidden in the question
once when i was 13 a guy asked me to take a pic of my tits so i drew nipples on a barbie doll and sent them to him and he told me they were nice
i would recognize a band member in public faster than my own parents
what goes thru a white boy’s mind when they get dressed like "u know what’ll go great with these basketball shorts? socks with little marijaunas”
when a character you didn’t like dies
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Friend: Ill be there in 5 minutes are you ready? Me:
“I still love you” is the saddest fucking sentence in the whole world