• 1k edit bts 500 jimin Bangtan edit:bts edit:jimin btsgfx networkbangtan parkjmnet 9597net pastel-net IT WAS SO HARD TO FIND EDITABLE PICS OF HIM WITH GLASSES BC THERE WAS LITERALLY NONE so i had to use his selcas instead ;o; edit:icons syuobi •

jimin x glasses icons – requested by anon

– please reblog if saving/using!

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edit jin jimin Bangtan suga rap monster jhope jungkook BTS v bangtan edit btsgfx networkbangtan bangtan graphics u hv no idea how hard it was to make this with my iPad also captions are OTL
request bts jimin park jimin Bangtan btsgif* jmgif* i couldn't find enough videos to gif so i had to use pics instead i'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted :'(
mine bts 1000 10000 500 5000 i cried while making this jimin park jimin this is for you anon Bangtan j-hope taehyung RapMonster i hope you like it :)) networkbangtan jiminprotectionsquad JIMIN IS SO IMPORTANT HE IS A LITERAL ANGEL thank you so much for this request!! sorry i had to change 3 gifs since i couldn't find them in hd
v kpop bts jin jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster yoongi big hit jhope hoseok namjoon kim namjoon min yoongi jung hoseok jungkook taehyung kim taehyung seokjin rapmon the bangtan boys BTS v jeon jungkook bangtan sonyeondan BTS COMEBACK bangtan sonyeondumb bts rapmon
art bts Ot7 Bangtan btsgfx networkbangtan click the link to see the gif of the ending pose with namjoon and tae it was adorable run5thwin
mine bts my everything its so cute i had to gif this Bangtan taehyung kim taehyung **me networkbangtan taetaenetwork BC I WATCHED IT LIKE 100 TIMES AND YEAH U GET TWO GIFS OF THE SAME THING BC ITS SO GREAT UGH I WANNA KISS HIS TUMMY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH SAVE NE
art bts ;;;;; cries forever kpop fanart jimin park jimin Bangtan Boys >.> bangtan sonyeondan bangtan fanart bts fanart I hope I did it some justice omg his lips were so frustrating JESUS whyyyyy I'm still not totally happy with it but heeeey I really like the hair???? i dont know how I did it but I'm happy with it he looked so fine in this pic I couldn't help myself also my backgrounds are... shit I know did I do better this time?? jimin is actually pretty hard to draw
bts Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga yoongi min yoongi bangtan sonyeondan sj:gifs please dont be too hard on my coloring it was so so so so hard to make all of them match according to the vids I literally spent three hours making this so please dont be too hard ;;
BTS RUN MAMA 2015 COMEBACKI saved this to make gifs and such...
1k Fail mygifs lmao bts jimin Bangtan jungkook jikook i literally stared at the middle pic bc i thought it was a gif
MY EDIT palstelnet svtcreations 17net bea:edit bea:lyrics ok I was //supposed/ to use the shining diamond MV but literally implementing that mv into this was so hard I FEEL LIKE I FAILED BUT I ALSO REALLY LIKE HOW THIS CAME OUT the shining diamond mv did not fit the aesthetics of this edit also YO THE FIRST IMAGE I WAS ABOUT TO LIGHT MY ASS ON FIRE BECAUSE IT WAS LOOKING LIKE SHIT but anyway the inspiration for this was from a rock to a diamond EYYY SHIniNG DIAmoND YEHH!!!! also s/o to hoshi bc i embraced being a mounteen in the first image let me kno if u guys want the first one as a wallpaper bc i got u the FIRST ONE IS SO PRETTY I HOPE U LIKE IT also idk what do to with the third one ITS ALWAYS THE THIRD ONE I LOSE IDEAS I mean I had several but they weren't working right also see how the gradient looks weird when its a gif?? like the first picture is not a gif and so its like DAMN wow so hq gradient but the 2nd and 3rd u can see the lines..... anyway hi yes please love this gfx i worked really hard hi can pledis hire me for working as their graphic design artist i cant promise itll look nice but i can work hard also just realized that only 11 of them is showing in the last one FUCK lmao sorry these tags are long
1k mygifs bts stuff c g jin hyungs Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga yoongi seokjin no you don't understand it was so hard to time the caps correctly bc 1. they kept mumbling 2. their lips are REALLY REALLY pretty and i got distracted