• 1k edit hs chelsedits i want to watch you choke on a dick teatattoo •
1k edit hs chelsedits i want to watch you choke on a dick

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  • *watching friends*
  • me:shut up Ross
When you and your friends want to watch a good fight, but you don’t want to get too involved
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1k edit Marina and the Diamonds marina diamandis matd [***] marinadiamandisedit mdiamandisedit
mine musicals Broadway musical theatre hamilton Hamilton on bway hamilton on broadway hamilton bway the schuyler sisters schuyler sisters
i can relate edit1 maisie williams got cast edit: maisie williams gotcastedit mwilliamsedit sdcc 2015 SDCC15 mwilliamsdaily you should feel comfortable in the classroom and excited about learning it's horrible when the teacher makes you not want to be there =(
edit1 Viola Davis well said htgawmedit htgawm cast edit: viola davis violadavisedit dccastedit violadavissource
1k edit mygif 5sos 5 seconds of summer onstage luke hemmings michael clifford muke rowyso monstage lonstage madrid rowyso i want them to stop
I don’t want no dick that do this to you. This is the type o...
Harry Styles * hair otrap 29.8 otrah no offence..... but OH MY GOD i want him to choke me w it ://
^ fifth harmony ally brooke dinah high key judging her lol