• but lets not forget who the real star of the show is  1k eurovision eurovision 2015 thorinthesassmaster •

but lets not forget who the real star of the show is 

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but lets not forget who the real star of the show is 
The 60th Eurovision is just over a month away
So its a good time for everyone to educate themselves on the best bits of the contest’s history before it returnsLike the most important winners everThe Russian GranniesDon’t forget that Eurovison is the reason ABBA became famousThen there was the time Ukraine absolutely lost its mindThe time Irelan...
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  • Presenters:and the winner is... Conchita again thanks for voting have a good night
  • Eurovision 2015:Building Bridges
  • Eurovision 2016:Building Furniture
yet, the best part of the second semi-final wasisRAELDANCING
  • <p><b>Mom:</b> What are you doing?<p/><b>Me:</b> Waiting<p/><b>Mom:</b> For what?<p/><b>Me:</b> For Europe to fall apart<p/></p>
1k omfg 5k 2k gif: mine caps eurovision so excited ESC eurovision song contest ebu europals gif: eurovision WARNING EUROVISION POSTS ARE COMMING my pick of iconic esc entries i would have added irelande douze pointe too but no space and bad camera shoots
when people unfollow you for your eurovision spam 
the only good thing about ballads is that i can spend the time on tumblr and frantically reblog eurovision posts instead of actually listening
hello europe i would like to file a complainteurovision is too serious this year where is my trash
The european hungergames have begun. May the neighbour countries be in your favour.