• 1k * exo i tried suho chanyeol suyeol exo channel they couldn't make this scene harder to gif even if they tried what's this lighting what's this bg jngn-km •

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my gif exo suho chanyeol suyeol ugh this is a suyeol moment okay ;A;
gif 1k B1A4 gongchan sandeul Jinyoung Baro CNU gif:b1a4 always wanted to make this part in a gif but it's missing a part I couldn't do more lol and I don't even know how this is a gif indeed I tried... I wanted and I tried (:
* exo sehun suho chanyeol grpx[k] urgh this is hard to do but still i tried lmao
1k otp exo Graphic ;_; i tried sehun suho seho Sejun exographic omg i didnt expect this to hit 1k
gif haha exo tao EXO-K EXO-M sehun Kyungsoo suho chanyeol hunsoo chantao what are they doing lmao is this sexy dancing
myedit exo tao exo m exo k sehun Luhan baekhyun suho chanyeol edit:exo idol olympics this took me forever omg edit:all edit:2ndgen i tried cries
1k exo EXO-K Kai exo k kim jongin gifs:exo gifs:all videos' colors was awful *sobs* i couldn't do better i'm not pleased with this set's coloring this is why i didn't want to make gifs from videos that's coloring's bad cuz they don't turn out good
myedit exo EXO-K Kai shinee taemin babies yep jongin taekai shineexo shixo shixoedit this pic is saved on my computer as MOTHEREFFINGTAEKAI.png if this doesn't make you love them i don't know what's wrong with you lmao
edit exo tao Kai sobs OTL sehun Luhan Lay Kris Chen baekhyun suho d.o chanyeol xiumin College begins already so I'm sorry If I couldn't be active that much and i'm sorry for this edit
1k exo Kai exo k i tried jongin steamedbaozi* myexo* i don't know about this one
exo Lay Chen baekhyun zhang yixing kim jongdae byun baekhyun crck exo fake subs ok remember the flappy bird fake subs thing i made last week this is the last one i'll make okay this scene was just on my mind a lot this week maybe wdl?? idk what's funny anymore and what is not i laugh at everything nowadays so
1k LOL mine 500 thgedit thg* cfedit jenyegifs* mcmockingjays adorable sugarcubes thecommunicuffnetwork i was all over about this coloring i couldn't repeat it if i tried..