• 1k Fail mygifs lmao bts jimin Bangtan jungkook jikook i literally stared at the middle pic bc i thought it was a gif hugtae •

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1k Fail mygifs lmao bts jimin Bangtan jungkook jikook i literally stared at the middle pic bc i thought it was a gif
mygifs mine 7k bts bunny Chimp plus jimin park jimin Bangtan g:bangtan jungkook g:jungkook jeon jungkook jikook g:jimin had to cute look at kook when jimin talks about him and ahha v g:jikook
my edits bts jimin Bangtan Boys jungkook jikook fuckin with photoshop and shiz
bts i love them so much I know jimin park jimin Bangtan ndv jungkook jeon jungkook jikook ndv.gifs how many times have i deleted and reuploaded this one... idek anymore but i love jikook
MY EDIT jin jimin black and white edit Bangtan suga rap monster jhope jungkook taehyung my bangtan edits i thought this was actually really cool tbh and the close up of rap mons hands unf im taggin all of them just bc this is where they work yo
  • Ryeowook:It says here (in the script) "Jimin is very fond of jungkook" Do you really like Jungkook that much?
  • Jungkook:I think he likes me more than my own brother does.
bts jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys Bulletproof Boy Scouts bulletproof boyscouts jeongguk jeon jeongguk jungkook jun jungkook jeon jungkook jikook bangtan sonyeondan my:j my:b every time these two are together something stupid comes out .....and i love it so yeah don't listen to me leave these two unattended for
1k bts 2k jimin Bangtan maknaeline jungkook taehyung jikook vkook vmin networkbangtan i hate the grading and font and god this set is so ugly but maknae line is so precious busanplayboygifs btscompilations
bts jimin gifeu Bangtan jungkook taehyung jikook cause the kiss *^* but also jin was cheap and so was namjoon but vmin can't say anything lmao cause they're older suga was so precious tho T^T
v kpop bts jin gifs are not mine jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster j-hope jungkook taehyung rapmon bangtan gif BTS jimin bangtan sonyeondan bts gif bts dance ihaveathingfor bangtan boys gif
1k LOL bts jimin I'M PISSING Bangtan jungkook gif:bts jikook can u believe this kid what a smart way to get taehyung away
mine kpop bts jin jimin Bangtan Boys suga jhope namjoon jungkook taehyung bts txt posts not suree why i made a 2nd one sorry tbh i did it mainly bc i wanted to do the jungkook one and hoseok also sorry......sorry