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When Mingyu decides to have a convo in Japanese

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1k gifs seventeen Mingyu seungcheol (editable) scoups
kpop dino seventeen SVT Mingyu Wonwoo seungkwan pledisboys sebeuntin scoups seventeen mingyu seventeen dino seventeen the8 seventeen wonwoo sebeunteen seventeen ot13 seventeen jeon wonwoo seventeen seungkwan seventeen scoups seventeen dk
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gifs graphics seventeen jisoo i died jihoon hansol pledis 17 pledis seventeen Soonyoung Seokmin Mingyu Wonwoo Junhui seungcheol leechan seungkwan junghan sebeuntin Minghao this was the most tiring but the most full feeling gifs/graphics that i ever made lols admin1
1k gifs seventeen Mingyu
dino mine* seventeen 17 jun joshua hansol Seokmin Mingyu Wonwoo seungcheol seungkwan hoshi Minghao jeonghan woozi svtcreations
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gif mine 2k seventeen my OTP SO CUTE SO CUTE seungcheol 17gifs woozi scoups svtcreations jicheol if this was anyone else i swear jihoon would've slapped them away
Lotto (Remix)
SEVENTEEN (Hip Hop Team)  SEVENTEEN Mixtape vol.11
LOTTO Remix(HIPHOP TEAM - S.COUPS, WONWOO, MINGYU, VERNON)[??]?? ????? ?????? ??...
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:) mygifs mystuff dk seventeen jihoon Soonyoung Seokmin seungcheol hoshi adore u s.coups woozi dokyum kpnets scoups svtcreations dokyeom what noobs haha props to those who got the reference in the caption
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