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You got the shakes man. What are you, tweaking or just cold?

 I’m not cold.

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Mitch Lucker deserves Artist of the Year. Not Ronnie Radke.
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  • People:Your hero did/does drugs? Your hero wears make up? Your hero screams? Your hero has long black hair? That's disgusting, how can you ever look up to them?
  • Ronnie Radke:"Picking all the pieces of my life up off the floor, searching for an open window or an exit door, this boulder on my shoulders, it got heavier and colder, til the day that I got sober, now it's slowly rolling over. To all the people I've done wrong, now I apologize. To all the girls whose hearts I broke, to tears I made them cry."
  • Kellin Quinn:"You act like you are afraid of who you are, I'm afraid for you.Try, trust and believe in me.I can show you that there's so much more.There's still hope for you. Let me show you I can save you."
  • Vic Fuentes:"I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think you're beautiful, and I don't ever wanna lose my best friend. I screamed out 'God you vulture! Bring her back or take me with her!'"
  • Add a few of your heroes and some lyrics/quotes. Lets prove everyone wrong.
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