• 1k * gifs2 hs this looks a certain way on my phone then another way on my old phone and something else entirely on my laptop idk which one is right golfharry •

Roar. Roar.

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louis tomlinson One Direction mine anyways i had this saved on my phone and idk where it came from we all see you in the back harry we all know what a creep you are harry is scary
love cute quote quotes gerard way gerard way quote quotes and interviews marriage husband wife daughter lindsey lindsey way lyn-z way d'aw 4th anniversary i don't care what you say Lyn-Z Ballato bandit way special occasion quotes spam ger-z holy fuck i love this couple lindsey way quote
i just want this on my blog then who was phone
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* doctor who matt smith i think but SO COOL jenna louise coleman oh shut up I FORGOT I MADE THIS just the way she's looking at him though i'm dreading the day karen and arthur leave especially because i think i know how it's going to happen this is gonna be sO COOL my keyboard feels clickier than normal llll something going on with the l button which one's my graphics tag
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arrested development I think I'm going to cry i can't access any of the downloads sites on my laptop and my old laptop doesn't even connect to the internet and then i tried my dad's and the download failed so now he's trying a torrent but i don't think it's hq HATING EVERYTHING RN episode: top banana
so i got this off facebook. so funny.