• 1k * gifs2 hs this looks a certain way on my phone then another way on my old phone and something else entirely on my laptop idk which one is right golfharry •

Roar. Roar.

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MY EDIT community annie edison abed nadir jeff winger communityedit i love coloring community omg but i've had this problem lately where i'll look at a pic or gif on my laptop and it looks normal but then i look at the same pic/gif on my iphone and its waaayyy too saturated and im not sure which is the 'right' one and what everyone else sees
sunggyu woohyun infinite katya: gif oh my god idk how colours work on my laptop third gif I've ever made here can someone tell me how this looks on their computer bc on mine it looks dark and shit but on my phone it's super red
Harry Styles * and pretty this coloring looks quite nice on my computer and absolutely horrible on my phone lol idk which should i trust but anyway look how cute he is and generally perfect
iphone gender Social Justice Gender Marketing white??????girly???? sarah goes to fucking work
gif mine Personal amazingphil hey guys but here we are i have a fever idk if this is amazing or extremely disturbing so this might just be one of those weird fever ideas the quality is shit bc i filmed this w my phone lmao it's also v dark outside so soz about the lighting phil has stripes over him bc my window was made that way ok
1k gifs justin bieber idk i wanted to gif something so ya and for some reason i had this video saved on my laptop and he looks extremely hot here and this psd looks so good
pics can you believe this I'm crying so hard it's so pretty my dick is so hard and these were just from my phone??? I have so many more on my camera I took sooo many
There’s No Way My Little Sister Is Dating Some Guy
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TRACK 11: There’s No Way My Little Sister Is Dating Some Guy RIN: “There’s No Wa...
We now know that yes, love is a real emotion, it’s not just a mixture of happiness and gratitude that’s created by the object or person of a...
this is old found dis on my phone
me and this was taken on my macbook i have two laptops one for uni and one for other
1k Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia nalu ftgraphics mediocregraphics melllllly the tumblr dimensions confuse me the last edit i followed the old ones and it looks less quality on the dash but good on my blog this one i followed the new dimensions and it's sharp on the dash but blurred on my blog it seems i can never win OTL anyway its 6am and theres a small error in this which is weird 'cause it doens't appear that way on the mobile either but idk man thank you again for the gray/juvia gree cards melly c: my lovesss *U* now i'm off to bed good morning oh poops i forgot to watermark ……… i'll just … hope it won't get reposted asd;kfj !!! 8DD thank you!