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1k Hall of Fame i love her.
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when did this become more attractive than this?
  • me:wow i didnt know there was a bard's college in skyrim that you can join. will my character be able to play instruments? i wonder what kind of new and interesting quests are involved?
  • bard's college:go into the Draugr Pit™ and find the Old Fucking Shit Drum for us
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1k mine 5k Hall of Fame joan rivers
this mug i bought has a cat sitting at the bottom goodbye kitty
Personal britney spears britney Hall of Fame i didnt make this i found it on my old computer and i love it
i got bored of tumblr so i opened a new tab and went to tumblr
one direction is kind of an ironic name for a collection of guys who look like they go both ways.
can we just skip september and go straight into october
i didn’t realize for the longest time that Osomatsu-san is an anime, i thought people were reblogging onceler fanart again