• 1k Harry Styles * 2k hs on sunday it will be 1 yr since this was taken i met them 1 yr ago wtf milwards •
1k Harry Styles * 2k hs on sunday it will be 1 yr since this was taken i met them 1 yr ago wtf

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Harry Styles * hsedit anyway hs harry styles edit hs edit wtf tags do people put things in idk idk what this is but he's very soft and pretty and I like it lol
edit exo T^T im sorry baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek wow this is so messy i cant even wtf is this???? fail edit i know
1k Harry Styles One Direction mygifs mine 7k 5k 2k 4k 9k 6k 3k 8k Radio 1 bbcr1 look at this utter cutie this entire interview was hilarious your smile could be my sun
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1k my gifs 4minute hyuna Jihyun Gayoon Jiyoon Sohyun gifs:4minute have i talked about how proud i am of them yet and how much i loved their releases this yr hahahaha ohhh man
exo Chen exogif 1kp htpgif i know this is recent mcm vs yr-old tlp but it's still relevant right?^^ there's so much elegance in this though;;;;;;;;;; wait what don't i have a jongdae eyebrows tag???? the best eyebrows in the universe
Harry Styles One Direction mine hs otra baltimore 8.8.15
lmao Fanart hq doodles <3 sketches kageyama tobio he is such a cutie Haikyuu!! mizy cant get over him hinata shoyo third yr!Kageyama Third yr!Hinata I love this cutie so much augh Headcanon; he grew 7cm within 2 yrs Kageyama grew 5cm only Stopped at yr 2 Btw 0u0b's hinata is a beaut his third yr hinata and his art thou
Harry Styles harry Harry edits i'm so not happy with this but lets just go with it crop top edits
1k * mine new game of thrones 4k 500 asoiaf gotedit got edit gameofthronesdaily iheartgot lmao ive wanted to make this since the purple wedding but so hard to find quotes in such a dark show lbr hahah so many of these scenes were so dark tho the backlighting on the syrio scene was killer ahah some of these arent even really inspirational just wanted to gif joffers line tbh heh ok to everyone and their dog complaining about joffers in the tags and comments (1) if it 'ruined' the gifset u are under no obligation to reblog (2) i obviously know that hes saying it to be demeaning and degrading yes i know the context it was a joke coz taken out of context it is inspirational and it makes it hilarious coz joffers said it and also bronns is obviously out of context too but everyones shitting on joffreys thanks to the people who appreciated the humour hahaha sorry for this weird rant in the tags that no one's gonna read a day later ahah
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