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Handsome, black-haired, smiley Taekwoon

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1k leo mygif original vixx taekwoon vixxedit byul3 100 days special video
1k leo mygif original Dream Team vixx taekwoon Leo gif vixx gif
1k mine leo mygif ravi beautiful liar vixx vixxedit gif:leo ;;;;;;;;;;; gif:mvs wontaek gif:ravi gif:wontaek ardenly lrsub
leo mygif original vixx jung taekwoon taekwoon Leo gif vixx gif vixx edit 15 things vixx does
1k * ** vixx HongBin taekwoon vixxedit leobin g: leo g: hongbin g: leobin i love leobin SOO MUCH T^T and there's so many more! but most of them are fantaken so ;;
1k leo mygif vixx taekwoon vixxgif vixx3rdwin
mine leo mygif vixx vixxedit gif:mvs ardenly chained up
1k hyuk ravi like really vixx HongBin hakyeon jaehwan taekwoon vixxedit joongyuedit im pretty sure you guys are the worst except leo cause wtf
gif 1k leo vixx taekwoon vixx tv ep95
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* ** goshhh vixx jung taekwoon taekwoon vixxedit jung leo g: leo idk i just needed this ^^ he's so cute~~~~ and i love his smile it just warms my heart >u< cutie leo also lmao it's a mess of psds