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Everything about Korean politics and the current state of government is absolutely disgusting. Recently Americans have been getting so on board with the K-wave – now all people talk about is how much they adore Korean food/music/fashion and pretty much all my friends think Koreans are just the cutes...
* Happy Birthday! infinite Dongwoo *dw jang dongwoo e:gif inspiritsnet e:bday one more coming up.. .when i finish it
protest Korea Park Geun-hye park geun-hye out!
apink Eunji Korean Drama cheer up jisoo vixx dramas cha hakyeon vixx n lee won geun sassy go go you two always be together everywhere too haha their friendships is cute why not focus on their precious frienships no triangle romance plzzz and give me more Ha Dong Jae scenes
manhwa DICE: the cube that changes everything Yun Hyun Suk mahwa cap
* kdrama cheer up lee won geun ji soo sassy go go
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this is basically the same way i’m handling all of my respon...
i hope 2016 brings you all more yeah yeah yeahs and less na na nas
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