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1k mine disney sorry bambi *gifs thumper also Disneyedit we all need this cutie on our blog i was doing a will graham gifset but it turns to be this /don't look at the 3rd gifs plz...:(
Lupita’s brother is a FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE IN FLORIDA and he went to MADONNA’S house last night and partied with BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH until six am GIVE ME THAT LIFE
do the bird villagers ever look at the tinier birds in animal crossing and think “what”
1k gifs2 i love you :( bap b.a.p daehyun so much omfg daegifs
Well you know what Benedict. You don't need this Bafta. Because you have multiple and unending jobs,...
We also need to thank Phil
If it wasn’t for Phil, Dan would never have made videos. Therefore, there would be no Danisnotonfire. Thank you Phil our special snowflake and I’m so proud of Dan!
mine :((( my manip hario and louigi larry manip rope and anchor i don't know how to tag this one i need a tag for painful tattoos tehcnically
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Imagine Dragons  Night Visions (Deluxe Version)
they say it’s what you make, i say it’s up to fate. it’s woven in my soul. i ne...
gif 1k gaming spoilers *mine halo 500 *misc halo 3 halo 2 Halo 4 master chief Cortana shut up don't even look at me right now also fucking hell i gave up on this (again) and it looks so terrible and i don't caaaaare
i miss you i need you you don't love me fuck feelings you don't need me i need she i really need you
1k * mine bby ouat Regina Mills ouatedit reginamillsedit i don't want this season to be over soon :(( everything's really nice rn??? ok except for the zelena thing but regina is actually kinda happy!!! and this is all i need tbh ((also it looks kinda eh but there's a physics project due tomorrow that i've been ignoring for three weeks))