• 1k mine 5k steven universe suedit su spoilers hit the diamond i think i have a new favorite episode just look at their cute little outfits ameithyst •

Team Human!

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mine game of thrones got asoiaf House Stark direwolves gotedits gotedit just spreadin' the direwolf/stark love because i caaaaan :') i'm practicing gif making and i think i have probably improved beep boop also look at the bonus puppy in the jon gif!!! he's just chillin' out so happy to be featured on game of thrones hit hbo series i just could not cut him out
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My art steven universe gemdraw Serious Steven
gif 1k Harry Styles 5k so precious i just adore you myset tmht look at this cute little troll haha
1k ** mine 5k destiel spn spoilers spnedit deancasedit 9x09 castielsdean CASSTARK mine: destiel graphics skystiel ugh i wanted to make a sammy one but i just couldn't find a nice screencap so here's destiel instead of tfw they're so beautiful ;u;
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photoset 1k mine once upon a time ouat the notes omg i love that colin o'donoghue ouatedit hookedit colinodedit the new neverland ouat 3x10 your hair in this episode were perfect I'm not okay and you were cute in general i mean you gave a chance to Neal which is very gentlemanish and what happened with Tink??????? IS IT BUDAPEST ALL OVER AGAIN?? and the new promo when CAPTAIN SWAN HAPPENS AOZDJSLJVDFJKNV THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER ???!??!!!?88?8
1k mine sherlock sherlock holmes 5k 2k bbc sherlock sherlock spoilers amanda abbington SherlockEdit mary morstan sorry I suck at coloring and making gifs in general
gif mine James Franco Dave Franco francobrothers feists not only is this literally my favorite interview in the universe like literally but their conversations are so cute because look at dave's face when james says he's 'pretty good' and when he's thanking him he looks so happy it's the cutest thing like he just wants his big brother to take him seriously and be proud of him because even though they're really different he looks up to him a lot and then james teases him and says 'pretty good' like it's no big deal because that's his little brother and that's what he does but he genuinely can't stop smiling at him and asking him about his work and he's just so obviously happy to finally have a chance to hang out with him and catch up AND IT'S THE FUCKING CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD AND IF THEY EVER MAKE A MOVIE TOGETHER THAT WILL LITERALLY BE THE END OF ME BYE davefranco* jamesfranco*
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