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based on this.

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1k * mine castiel 5k but hope you like it :) spnedit castieledit i enjoyed making this *Castiel alethiometry sunlitcas cassammydean inacatastrophicmind i'm so sorry this took soooo long
1k * mine castiel 5k my sun and stars spnedit castieledit *Castiel flashing gif cw sunlitcas inacatastrophicmind argentiel i was making this at 1am and i was not even sorry
1k mine supernatural ugh castiel Misha Collins i can't HALP what am i even doing endverse spnedit castieledit cw: blood spne
1k * mine castiel uwu i'm not even sorry spnedit castieledit *Castiel sunlitcas cassammydean inacatastrophicmind casthartic
1k * mine dean winchester castiel 5k DEANCAS spn I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS spn spoilers spnedit deancasedit blood cw castieledit deanedit injuries cw spn baby inacatastrophicmind SPN s11 spn 11x04
1k * mine castiel because i do spnedit castieledit *Castiel sunlitcas cassammydean puppycastiel inacatastrophicmind casthartic do you ever just cry because you realise how much you love castiel i'm gonna go cry in a corner bye
1k * mine castiel 5k requests spnedit castieledit *Castiel sunlitcas cassammydean inacatastrophicmind i always wanted to make something like this casthartic nonnie thank you for the request look at my precious son!!
1k * mine castiel 5k 10k 4x01 anyway has this been done yet spn spoilers 8x07 spnedit 6x15 castieledit 10x18 *Castiel I can't colour anymore flashing gif cw inacatastrophicmind argentiel the colouring is terrible i'm so sorry i'm just thrilled to see my bby got his grace back ;u;
1k mine dean winchester castiel 2k destiel spn spoilers spnedit 11x06 supernaturalapocalypse sunlitcas hallowedbecastiel constiellation inacatastrophicmind otp: wednesday and thursday s11 spoilers Our Little World
1k * mine castiel spn spn spoilers spnedit castieledit The Devil in the Details hallowedbecastiel constiellation inacatastrophicmind SPN s11 spn 11x10 i knoww i'm late but i was studying and then i started playing around on ps so his eyes looks bluer so it's all good he looks so beautiful dean better kiss his face asap
1k * mine castiel 5k spn spoilers spnedit castieledit *Castiel 10x09 sunlitcas descallistiel ekin i hope it's okay to tag you in this :)
1k * mine dean winchester castiel 5k spn spoilers spnedit *dean I can't stop laughing omg *Castiel 11X04 sunlitcas puppycastiel inacatastrophicmind habitatfordeanwinchester nonnie here you go!