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A hundred years ago, I walked away from mankind. From a century of horrors.

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mine bbc henry MY EDIT tom hiddleston henry v henry IV prince hal the hollow crown i am in love with this picture
batman dc my shit Superman wonder woman bruce wayne Diana of Themyscira clark kent the holy trinity i lOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH GUGUGUGHUGH
mine wonder woman Diana of Themyscira Diana Prince mmmm Mmmmmm World's best i have more pictures of her to edit!!! (('': even bruce loves her!!! i h8 editing
batman Superman wonder woman bruce wayne The Flash Diana Prince clark kent wally west hawkman green arrow oliver queen Carter Hall
mine Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin pierrefonds not sure how happy I am with this edit but oh well edit: holy batman this has more notes than anything else I've edited. guess it was a good edit after all
Jesus 1k* harry styles* kedit OH YM GOD
vest blonde Blake Lively beach beach hair white tank red skirt
photoset batman comics robin Superman wonder woman dick grayson Supergirl bruce wayne Diana of Themyscira clark kent Nightwing tim drake superboy kon-el wonder girl donna troy kara zor-el Cassandra Sandsmark I'm sure someone made this photoset before but it's almost 3am and I was bored
1k mine lucille ball Carol Burnett oh how I love to depress myself with this kind of thing brb sobbing all day about this
batman comics Superman wonder woman bruce wayne Diana of Themyscira clark kent comics* OT3 y'all I need a book of these three done properly not that awful mess that was Trinity
batman robin Superman clark kent tim drake dcau Superman: the Animated Series i love how just knowing who bruce is basically grants you everything i think they had that be dicks 'proving i'm not a shapeshifter or robot ' thing in something as well i want to say titans or rather the tim/jason love child that is the animated tim
batman: the animated series batman my gif [2] bruce wayne glasslightss oh man why am i laughing at this i know i shouldn't be i love how this show just tackles bruce's daddy issues gif: btas