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the amazing spider-man 2 + trivia

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ellen in adele’s ear - can we just???
1k film MY EDIT Picspam POA prisoner of azkaban dh deathly hallows goblet of fire 10k gof hbp chamber of secrets ss fml sorcerer's stone Half Blood Prince cos hpedit tpanetwork i was only going to do one film and ended up doing all eight... lol really not surprised tbh also you can click the images for better look first time in awhile that i haven't done these type of picspams all vertical lol (omg so many nice tags from your reblogs on this thank you all!!) so two days later and i just now realize that dh parts 1 and 2 are backwards let's just pretend that they're not... lol
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when your straight friend shows you a picture of a mediocre guy and is like “isn’t he hot??” and it feels like a dystopia interrogation answer wrong and you will fail the Test™
1k hayden christensen He's so precious sw edit sw cast starwarsedit FYSW quicksiluers swcastedit dailysw TAGGING YOU ALI CAUSE U KNOW WHAT'S UP THIS LITERAL PUPPY IDK HOW ANYONE CAN DISLIKE HIM there's probably more that never got released i tried in vain to find these in hd *sad face* cause i had no energy to try and find them on my dvds so i had to go with what i had downloaded ugggh