• 1k mine Empire terrence howard jussie smollett DRAG HIM lucious lyon jamal lyon empireedit God I hate him yass baby god look at lucious' stupid fucking face magzneto •

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exo EXO-K sehun myeditt full body oh sehun squishieditts LOOK AT THOSE LUCIOUS LEGS i will make you love him he has grown so much
1k * new girl i love you Nick Miller *gifs oh my god look at him my poor baby Jake Johnson gif:ng ngedits gif:nick I WANT TO CUDDLE AND HUG HIM FOREVER
mine 2k Teen Wolf my baby derek hale tyler hoechlin twedit tylerhedit derekedit god look at his face you just wanna cuddle with him for hours
own Marvel bucky barnes Sebastian Stan marvel cinematic universe The Winter Soldier my baby oh god i'm dying his face his fucking face oh god get it away from me own: gif
Harry Styles One Direction ink i am dead look at him oh my fucking god SO HELP ME GOD heaven is a place on earth AND A NEW TATTOO A FUCKING BOOK TATTOO
gif 1k Harry Styles ~ baby mine i think it's reacherd the point were him just standing there doing nothing makes me v happy look at his face!!!! that is my fave harry face he looks like he wants to //smile// so hard but he's trying not to
panic! at the disco spencer smith JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE my baby is so fucking gorgeous jfc I cant even spencer is a fucking god
mygif Fairy Tail ftgif lyon vastia lyon bastia WHICH ONE IS IT oh my god someone requested this months ago im so sorry
my gifs exo gif:exo exo k baekhyun gif:k LOOK AT HIS BED HEAD N HIS STUPID BABY FACE I'M GOING TO PUNCH HIM
1k Chris Hemsworth *gif chemsedit god bless him for his quick wit i stg some people are just he got a lot of really insenstive and stupid questions but trust him to just roll with them like they're nothing actual national treasure protect chris hemsworth at all costs (also yep i know these look really yellow BUT do consider that the clip's incredibly purple to begin with)
mine louis harry *1k Same as it ever was THIS IS THEM *cristina 052414 bulletproofhalo bbcbrw look at louis immediately look at harry then just stare at him while he answers harry can't even look at him he just deadpans his answer to scott hahaha god these two
sherlock martin freeman john watson bbc sherlock mysherlock thames bambi creates BECAUSE LOOK AT THAT FACE MAN LOOK AT HIM GOD I LOVE HIM