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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2015)

Two magicians shall appear in England…
The first shall fear me; the second shall long to behold me; 

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Literature quotations jonathan strange & mr norrell
he searched disorder for its unifying principle life itself is a quotation cedar and pine and fir and branching palm she walks in beauty like the night
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my gif Chicago Blackhawks jonathan toews Andrew Shaw Kris Versteeg marian hossa Bryan Bickell toews seems to feel things SO MUCH but to be honest that was me after this game as well except nobody was around to pat me on the head
i am very attracted to drummer niall. i need more of this in my life.
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this band is actually the worst because they’re all codependent and they never stop touching each other and they share clothes and have friendship bracelets and squeeze so they can all fit onto the same couch together and they keep each other grounded and they grew up together and they’r...
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I actually posted this video on a reblog of the post that le...
* film howl's moving castle pastels are so fun to look at but not fun at all to color like honestly the worst i had so many layers; i felt like crying a bit this doesn't make up for my absence of picspams and all that but still !!! i made a thing