• 1k mine rey sw edit swedit bb8 FYSW The Force Awakens BB-8 IS SO CUTE IN THIS SCENE WHEN HE BEEPS IT SOUNDS LIKE YEP kylo-rennn •

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1k ~ miley cyrus edit The Last Song whatever this scene is like idk cute?
coldplay but w/e okok i feel like i'm invading people's personal space guy is so eloquent everything sounds better when he says it last edit of the year goin out with a fizzle alkjslkajs
photoset gif mine lord of the rings return of the king Billy Boyd pippin took kills self fuck everything tbh this scene made me sob when i saw it the first time it's so chilling and that last bit he never asked to be in the middle of this bloodbath he just misses the shire he misses merry and frodo and sam
sherlock edit sherlock holmes bbc sherlock oops i ranted it was supposed to be in tags but my god this turned monstrous yep too much literature classes and overanalysing flows in my blood system
gifs mine The Avengers Thor loki avengers but come the fuck on just look at that face he doesnt look like a winner he looks like someone who did what he had to but i dont see any emotions on that face and it makes me so fucking sad he just sent his brother into the fucking ocean HIS BROTHER I WONT BELIVE THAT HE DOES NOT THINK ABOUT HIM AS A BROTHER ANYMORE I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS SCENE BROFEELS
:) LOL edits queued ok bye zm this is to that anon that wanted me to make a photoset of zayn when he was a kid but the last one is it it's like from when he was small to big he was so cute omg some of the pictures on here is rare if you wanna see the original of some of the photos let me know I will post it later took me time finding some omg
glee sigh Quinn Fabray $ angel glee* okay anyway I HATE THIS DUMB SCENE SO MUCH HERE IS MY DISCLAIMER yes quinn was wrong in what she said and yes she needed to be called out on it BUT not like that to belittle and push aside everything because ''and besides you're going to yale'' since WHEN is yale suddenly the solution to everything and idk they were two totally different situations he shouldnt have been comparing them and I JSUt and i hate making kurt look like the ''bad guy'' bc hes not like this was soo out of character i just blame it on poor writing tbh
mine Korra legend of korra i love this scene so much like when the clip was leak ialkdshvruah;skdjufrasdf
* Damon x Elena major delena feelings everytime i listen to this song okay idgaf if it's hanson the lyrics are so freaking hidfkcndjfjdso and idk that part reminds me of that scene it gets even more painful when you think he was so close to giving up on his own life he literally thought he had no more reason to fight and then he thought of her he remembered the first time they ever met and how that night changed him forever and it gets so much worse if you compare it to 2x22 because here you can see that he still wasn't ready to die there was nothing he could do to save himself back then but this time he can do something; he can fight back and then that memory... that only exists in his head reminded him of how much he'd miss if he simply accepted death he just wants to be with her no matter how much it hurts him to know his love will never be enough for her (at least in his mind) so he gets up and fights maybe not for him but for her because he made her a promise to never leave her again because loving her is the only thing that makes him feel alive and that would never change he would protect her just like he said to katherine analyzing it from another perspective his death would make no sense after all his arc throughout the show so many moments wrapped up in a single scene all his previous choices led him to decide he would not die that night because if he had chosen differently he wouldn't have met her and his life would have been pure darkness and misery nothing to turn around and look back to we know he'd do things us damon fans are not proud of but leaving elena unprotected is not and will never be an option she is his priority even though he isn't hers (for now) fucking feels jfc this can't be healthy i'm just gonna go
mygifs mine The Hunger Games THG katniss everdeen haymitch abernathy really thgedit i know i'm abusing your tag and i'm really sorry for the gifs too but that was my thought about this scene so sorry but he looks like it doesn't he?
Hermione Granger Emma Watson 13 She looks so happy when she sees Ron and Harry ):