• *takes wedding photos with a Nintendo DSi* 1k mine text post fartgallery •

*takes wedding photos with a Nintendo DSi*

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me flirting: i wanna own dogs with u
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the walking dead season 10: every character is dead. scott gimple resorts to killing people from the audience 
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“I don’t believe commissions should be over $30.” 
casual fans: i wonder whose voice that was over the radiome: *wearing six #glennlives shirts at once and carving a portrait of glenn’s face into the wall* hard to say 
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1k mine omg 5k 2k 10k 500 100 chris evans* marveledit iamnevertheone cast* parallels* Arthurpendragonns evansedit ageofultron* the second row is so lq i'M SORRY also lol i never know whether i should make the text smaller when i caption random shit whoa this post is circulating quickly OMG first post of mine ever to hit 5k nothing like evans + dirty jokes lmao
*baby starts crying at 3am* Wife [sleepily]: your turn Me: ugh… fine Me: *starts crying*
when u intentionally make a grammar/spelling mistake & someone corrects u
Spooning is out, spatulaing is the next big trend. Slide up behind your partner and then launch them out of bed
reblog if disloyal order of water buffaloes