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do 100 calorie snack packs still count if you eat seven of them

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*baby starts crying at 3am* Wife [sleepily]: your turn Me: ugh… fine Me: *starts crying*
when u intentionally make a grammar/spelling mistake & someone corrects u
Spooning is out, spatulaing is the next big trend. Slide up behind your partner and then launch them out of bed
reblog if disloyal order of water buffaloes
the year is 2016 and people are still criticizing one direction, a band that has been together for five years, produced five albums, went on four world tours, and won numerous awards for their talent, just because they were formed on a tv show :)
me comparing my follower count to the number of notes on my selfie
fight me in space. me standing on my asteroid. you standing on your asteroid. every 600 million years when their orbits just barely intersect we attempt to smack each other
go out of your way for somebody today. if you see a neighbour shoveling their driveway, go grab your shovel. wait for them to finish and then start shoveling all the snow back onto their driveway
remake all my fav 90s teen movies but make them about lesbians
uncontrollable laughter is honestly just the best feeling
do u guys remember when it was a trend to have a broken iphone screen so people were smashing them on purpose ??? how extra ??
dermatologists hate me
and so does everyone else