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1k music Celebs miley cyrus wrecking ball

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Anne Hathaway lip syncs wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus
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miley cyrus William Shakespeare poetry Shakespeare sonnets sonnet wrecking ball all i sonnet was to break your walls
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  • miley cyrus:*donates large amounts of money to charity*
  • miley cyrus:*is huge supporter of lgbtq rights*
  • miley cyrus:*doesn't want to be defined by a gender or sexuality*
  • miley cyrus:*posts photos showing her zits and making weird faces to show her fans that everyone has imperfections*
  • miley cyrus:*fights for women's rights and is a part of the #freethenipple campaign*
  • miley cyrus:*starts a charity for homeless youth*
  • the general public:but she's naked a lot and smokes weed. just another child star turned trainwreck if you ask me
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LEAKED footage of miley cyrus’s opening monologue at the VMA...