• 1k my edits exo exo k suho junmyeon comeback showcase i had so many pics of him open for the past week that my browser constantly froze anyway I AM NOT OK WITH HIM qrishan •

how much blonde joonmyun can you handle? ?

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1k my edits exo Kai event exo m exo k sehun Lay jongin Chen yixing Kyungsoo baekhyun suho d.o chanyeol junmyeon xiumin chanyeol's pic is from collab stage but he's too cute so i used it anyway
1k mine edits exo Kai jongin Kyungsoo kaisoo long post i actually made around 20 of these and then i remembered that tumblr only allows ten pics *sobs* i had to take so many out
1k my edits happy birthday exo EXO-K chanyeol sorry this is so awkward it took me too long to put together 120 pics of him so i got lazy and just reused my past gifs but i enjoyed staring at his adorable face c: also i just did this bc i saw a tutorial for it hehe
1k myedit exo exok suho junmyeon 1ke suhoe exology i am so attracted to him rn fuck me
my gifs exo EXO-K exok suho bbysheepturns23 i am trying my best to make the reasons sound convincing c: but really i wanted to put 'dear god make him stop' we're only at reason no. 2 and im already convinced this isnt 23 reasons to love kim junmyeon but... /cheesy commentary mode on/ if you're a suho stan you'll find even his dumbest dances really endearing so while im all 'dear god make him stop' inside im actually all 'awwwww you silly poop' lolno but rlly tho dear god make him stop ...silly poop
my stuff exo EXO-K joonmyun suho junmyeon well actually i was suddenly hit with suho feels so if i'm going down you all are going down with me :)
1k cute MY EDIT exo fave suho junmyeon kim joonmyun fantaken joonmyeon i love these pics suho edit suho fave suhocean my suho edits airport appearance aiport fashion
1k LOL my gifs exo exo k sehun joonmyun suho chanyeol junmyeon i fail so hard had to take some parts out though
my gif 1k m exo Kai 10k overdose jongin baekhyun suho exo gif exo comeback showcase
1k exo exo k suho junmyeon e: cmb lyn edit lyn work esuho DAMN THEGUNS I HAD TO DO THIS OMG HELP ME THIS IS TOO HOT THE PICS R TOO HD I CANNOT
1k edits kpop exo exo k bias xoxo suho su ho junmyeon exo edits exo k edits exo suho exo k suho suho edits ;^^;
my edits exo exo k suho junmyeon exo suho