• 1k my edits my gifs mine 2k laurel lance arrowedit thea queen felicity smoak sara lance arrow ladies i reversed the order a bit just cause i thought it went better this way also the quality of the second gif is so bad ugh believe-in-chemistry •


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btw sin arrow helena bertinelli Birds of Prey laurel lance arrowedit thea queen felicity smoak sara lance things yours truly makes killerqueennyc mentioned the lack of laurel and thea in my (recent) BoP picspam and anon did for laurel as well and while i do picture them both as part of the team down the line it was time to finally put it into gifs i am in equal parts proud of and appalled by that laurel manip i tried to make and sin's in there too ofc and there's also a birds of prey 3.0 version as well w/ shado b/c yes i do have a headcanon wherein shado is brought back it invloves the lazarus pit naturally
1k spoilers mine otp MY BABIES arrow my feels oliver queen 2.10 arrowedit felicity smoak olicity happy sighs MY OTP IS PERFECTION OH MY GOD I CANT HANDLE IT OLIVER STOP IT WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK AT FELICITY IT'S SO EFFING PRECIOUS the smile though seriously i seriously thought he was going to kiss her lol but no this was perfect
1k mine interviews 2k arrow 1.14 oliver queen Stephen Amell enjoy? arrowedit felicity smoak olicity emily bett rickards fixed now you're so cute omg lol also i had to google how to spell gargantuan ive never done one of these half interview half actual scene edits gosh sorry i just realised one of the gifs isnt on forever loop sorry to the first 100 people that reblogged/liked it lol
1k me * arrow oliver queen Stephen Amell arrowedit felicity smoak olicity i know nobody will reblog this it looks so bad the psd is so ugh nojo but whatever
1k mine otp arrow 2.07 oliver queen stupid tumblr arrowedit felicity smoak olicity also emily's skin looks really flawless here lol and idk why it wouldnt upload/move before my gif was under 1k for once i actually like this colouring
1k mystuff arrow oliver queen Stephen Amell arrowedit felicity smoak olicity mine: arrow emily bett rickards i swear this is my last one lol BUT JUST LOOK AT THEM OKAY also i purposely didnt add anything from that scene you know which one the one we can pretend didnt happen
gif mine idk arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity otp: you deserve better
1k arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak these moments give me life tbqh the second set of gifs are pretty bad tho :// AND I COULDNT FIND A LOGOLESS ONE FOR THE LATEST EPISODE
1k my gifs my stuff arrow Black Canary arrowedit gah i love her so much caity lotz sara lance
1k 2k arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity myarrow the sass was so present omggggg
arrow oliver queen laurel lance john diggle tommy merlyn felicity smoak olicity quentin lance felicity is the only one who never judged oliver even when she found out he was the vigilant
1k my gifs arrow katie cassidy laurel lance arrowedit caity lotz sara lance lance family