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please do not make jokes about my weight. it doesn’t matter if you’re just kidding. i honestly do not like my body and hearing others joke about it does not make my situation any better.
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like if u really feel the need to see 50 shades to make fun of it or something either watch it illegally or buy a ticket for another movie and walk into that theater just dont give them your money or boost their box office ratings
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its estimated theres a little over 525 million dogs in the world so if you spent 5 seconds on each dog it would take a little over 84 years to pet every single dog in the world
reasons why Daft Punk are geniuses you can’t sexualise robots so they prove you don’t need a sexual element to do well in the music industry they can send doubles to go do performances they don’t wanna do they get lots of media coverage because of the media’s curiosity as to their identities nobody ...
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“any embarrassing stories that happen while you’re filming?”
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