• 1k my gifs behind the scenes 10k Chris Evans 20k Parkour I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS age of ultron important question: is that actually chris evans? even if it's not it's still fun to watch on a loop i'm tagging him anyway rotisserie soldiers on the bbq oh my goodness guys usaonetwothree •
1k my gifs behind the scenes 10k Chris Evans 20k Parkour I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS age of ultron important question: is that actually chris evans? even if it's not it's still fun to watch on a loop i'm tagging him anyway rotisserie soldiers on the bbq oh my goodness guys

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my gif 1k 5k 10k Chris Evans IT'S BEEN SO LONG the losers jake jensen evansedit m: the losers winterthirst thelosersedit *~continues to make losers gifs~* SINCE I DID A GIFSET OF MY BBY okkay well like a week but i was emotional apparently making gifs of this loser is addicting i swear i'll make a jake/cougar gifset soon ~procrastinates into the next century~ aahhh okay but i'm very proud of the colouring on this one sakljslk *proud mother smile* pff okay i'm done tagging byyyye
* Chris Evans !!! but anyway chrisevansedit marvelcastedit evansedit gordonlevitts this was really quick so i hope it's alright it's your bday you can have any chris evans you want
gif robert downey jr. tony stark Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Steve Rogers thor odinson mine 6 okay bear with me this is going to be a long rambly text post look at Thor okay he's not in Asgard but here because of his brother I PRESUME and like he doesn't know anyone but he's still  this big fun person who is so OPTIMISTIC sometimes and it wounds me but being among mortals is fun for him I guess so okay then Steve who's like both out of Brooklyn and his element and his time he's not literally lost like Thor but still lost and I want to hug him and stuff he doesn't understand anyone and anything because of the ~generation gap~ and it's so much more heartbreaking than Thor because at least he has an EXCUSE he's a universe-travelling demigod on Earth for a vacay/stay-cay/other and earth is Steve's home and he's so out of his element I want to cryyyyyy but even worse than Steve is Tony because while Thor's away from home and Steve is out of his time Tony doesn't have an excuse like he sort of feels like he doesn't belong ANYWHERE because from young he's never really ~fit in first because he's the famous Howard STARK's son and second because he's this child prodigy and he's never really been given the opportunity to bond with anyone most of his friends are his employees but then IRON MAN YES TONY STARK NO and it just crushes him and then he's called in to join them and he's all I DON'T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS because he's afraid he'd rather get himself thrown out early on then stay and have people say 'oh Tony it's not you it's us this is just not working out' better to not be part of something at all than told he can't be part of something FEELINGS HOUR
my gifs supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel tv shows otp: profound bond !supernatural perchedangel watch me jump on the bandwagon oh yea i don't know if those little moments between them are deliberate (as in if there's some sort of a deep meaning to them) but even if they're not the whole shoulder touching thing became somewhat iconic for them not that it's exclusive to this pairing because well it IS fairly common and maybe it's just another form of pandering idk but i don't really care if i read too much into it because this is how the whole thing started right i'm still bitter about dean's mark being gone though the man who loved too much
my gif The Avengers Chris Evans James Spader mark ruffalo age of ultron not hockey sdcc 2014 so i may have a steve rogers problem that is evolving into a chris evans problem gah did not expect this
sherlock johnlock asib don't know if it's been done before so okay just a little point here: i'm not saying that it's the same but the Irene scene made me think look at all the meals scenes we NEVER see sherlock actually eating anything and yet he's always there when John does we know he never eats while on a case but why should he stay with John while he eats? wouldn't he consider it a waste of his time? he could just leave John behind and carry on with the case but no he always stays with him even if he's not hungry whether they're on a case or not sherlock stays with John i'm just saying that it means something what you want to take from this is up to you
jonah hill jay baruchel This is the end the exorcism of jonah hill I LOVE THIS FUCKING MOVIE I'M SO MAD I DIDN'T WATCH IT UNTIL LIKE A MONTH AGO IT'S FANTASTIC 10/10 WOULD REC is that a tag probs not oh well goodness me this scene was hard to color it still doesn't look great but whatever this is my fav scene
We now know that yes, love is a real emotion, it’s not just a mixture of happiness and gratitude that’s created by the object or person of a...
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star wars Anakin Skywalker padme amidala arghhhhhh shorelle draws star wars AU star wars rule 63 AU something about a coming-of-age story that never quite gets there but also you get this sense of desperation and it's already going bad on the cusp of adulthood but there's still so much potential and longing just imagine that potential and anger and confusion and hunger for love and glory in a Rule 63!Anakin i'm just imagining... all the tatooine scenes.... I JUST WANT THIS SO BADLY so have more spam sketches instead i think this movie had some really great emotional scenes even if i can't quite translate it this is also one of my favourite lady gaga songs so :D also listen to any piano covers on youtube for A MILLION FEELINGS idk AOTC also feels very nostalgic for me because i was at a similar stage when i watched it sometimes i wish i could go back there just to watch and experience SW for the first time again
my gifs robert downey jr Chris Evans Marvel sdcc mark ruffalo aaron taylor-johnson age of ultron aouedit lol look at them man i love this cast
my gifs my stuff frozen The Big Four not really but whatever rise of the brave tangled dragons rotbtd my manip gifs rotbftd also no i did not intend to jelsa this i dont ship jelsa haha but i guess if you have your shipping goggles on and if you squint it's there my comeback gifset yes fun fact i'm actually not a fan of the whole super six thing so this is probably the only gifset i will ever make of 'em