• 1k my gifs mine 5h lauren jauregui fifth harmony aiwfciy mine5h SHE MADE THIS PART SO SEDUCTIVE AND SO RUDE korday •

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1k my gifs mine 5h lauren jauregui fifth harmony aiwfciy mine5h SHE MADE THIS PART SO SEDUCTIVE AND SO RUDE
1k mine i love you epilepsy warning I love u screams gif warning Idris Elba kinda not really Pacific Rim cast predit 2 much flashy flashy im so uncomfy mine: ie i want to be u also one whole gif dedicated to his seductive cane swinging for reasons TEARS MY SHIRT OFF also my laptop totally died while i was making this
1k my gifs exo exo k how dare you Chen jongdae im so upset oh my god!!!!
liam payne mine lilo [50 cent voice] so seductive *throws money* lima pls can u stop ur tearing this family apart i cant take it anymoer
LOL my gifs disney Paperman disney meta can you tell i've watched this over 100+ times im so obsessed with them
Beautiful girls Black beauty seductive so perfect
1k g-dragon jiyong my gifset vip net dancing jiyong i dont know if someone has already done this but here it is for melanie because one day we were talking about how seductive and beautiful jiyong's dancing is and cuz no one really focuses on his dancing just like seungri siad but he's an amazing dancer!!!!!!!!! hope you like it Mel! <3 xxxloveee
Harry Styles One Direction my edits 1D WHY DO U LOOK SO SEDUCTIVE EVERY FUCKING TIME
My art im done stupid comic stupid comics long post wont stop Haikyuu!! oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime someone stop him (don't) ushijima wakatoshi im cryiugn ushijima cant stop (don't stop him) (seductive voice) come to my team oikawa : walks faster i believe this happens in canon... he keeps saying that... ushijima go back to your farm... (ushijima's voice) come to my farm... tbh i dunno shiratorizawa uniform so... anw i'm starting to like ushijima... farmer ushi.. (stop me) i actually kinda like ushi-->oi--><--iwa?? ... no but don't hate ushijima pls :c
the vampire diaries nina dobrev made by me 8
mine Bradley James merthur iZombie bjedit izombieedit izombie spoilers *in another lifeee I would make you staaaay* or how that night in the tavern could have ended also it's INSANE but when I saw the trailer first I thought he was asking this to Ravi (even if I know how the things are) probably because of all the time I imagined THIS. VERY. SCENE. and seeing him golden and dark haired next to each other was quite a shock they even dyed his eyebrows but good god he looks so good in both I AM CONFUSED