• 1k my gifs mine MY EDIT 500 the walking dead twdedit twd gifs abraham ford abefords I have felt like making this for a while don't know if anyone has ever done one for abe but I haven't seen it soooo here is one he just has so many fantastic swear lines glennrheely •

Abraham swears, slang, and sayings



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1k my gifs mine MY EDIT 500 the walking dead twdedit twd gifs abraham ford abefords I have felt like making this for a while don't know if anyone has ever done one for abe but I haven't seen it soooo here is one he just has so many fantastic swear lines
1k 500 twd the walking dead carol peletier m* twd* twdmeme twdedit so this is one of my favorite asoiaf quotes or one of my favorite quotes in general i know sansa and carol are so much different to begin with so i hope quote fit here at first i though it was perfect but now i'm not so sure because they are so different but going with it anyway carolpeletier*
photoset One Tree Hill favshows othedit smoking cw do i like this idk but let's see how many of these gifsets i'll make before i get bored i have five done in my drafts so i'm gonna guess five but i'm not numbering this so i guess i can just come back to it whenever i don't know what else to gif has small text stopped working for anyone else?
my gifs supernatural dean winchester sam winchester impala woot deanschevyimpala I really hope no one else has done these exact sets haha They took a while to make I went through every single episode transcript on spn's wiki and searched for 'baby' Thank goodness it ended on an even number with the lastest episode But like sidenote do you ever just get emotional because this is a grown man who couldn't care less if other people hear him calling his car an affectionate name I mean he says it in front of anyone and no one questions him because he really seriously cares about this car He's shamelessly in love with his baby and it makes me squee
doctor who mine. New Who Classic Who multiple gifs long post There are way too many people to tag them all haha. And I'm sorry I didn't included any of the teams from the audios or comics or novels or anything! I haven't gotten my teeth into any of  them yet so it would be a little difficult. Technically this is just the *televised* TARDIS teams. Knowing the fandom people will add anyone I missed anyway but I thought it best to clarify. I just wanted to make this before we usher in Twelve's era. You don't even want to know how long it took me haha. But it was fun. Anyway. If you're reading this and you haven't watched any classic Who yet I can't encourage you enough. I made excuses and put it off for so long and I'm so mad at myself. There's so much to enjoy! Every single team the Doctor's travelled with has been important. Every one. It's been a good fifty years.
story afterlife
mine 1000 i don't know how to gif anymore dw edit river song edit rd edit I feel like I've spent too much time on this au fic I need to practice sorry if the results aren't good if anyone has prompt - I know I still have one to do I haven't forgotten but I want simply things you know like if anyone want a scene or a parallel... just so I can learn how ps works again
;_; my everything i love this picture so so so so much and i just want to leave it here... ive been looking for who took it for ages :( just in case that anyone knows... tell me so i can put the credits!! its super simple i cant even edit it too much actually i can barely edit it but i love it so so so much ive talked about this picture a few times already i dont know if i should tag it since i couldnt find the credits? im just gonna leave it here i have more pictures from this concert but this is the best one everything from this concert (videos/pictures) has bad quality and it hurts my heart
santana lopez Brittany Pierce heya brittana my gifs* god I had to split the gif cause it's so big but like that's heya that's heya move I'm emotional let me be also tell me if anyone has done one of this because I haven't seen any on my dash and I'm not really satisfied with it
mygifs Bill Skarsgård hemlock grove Landon Liboiron i haven't made gifs in 1000 years THANK YOU VANS FOR WALKING ME THOUGH IT AND HELPING ME VANS IS A SAINT i could have never done this without her i want to do a set of just bill and landon photo's together too because their friendship is my everything they are so nerdy and just LOSERS but i love them so much *u*
you everything about you why im sorry my angel ive been making like thousand gifs a day i have so many gifsets ideas and i cant stop making gifs but i still cant post anything why i keep remaking everything its stressing me out i remaking the colourings all the  time it has to be perfect if its going to be here it has to be perfect sometimes i just want to delete everything ive ever posted here all my gifs because nothing is good enough its all for you its not good enough it has to be perfect and i miss posting here so bad and my perfectionism has been keeping me away from here and it hurts because i love posting here so much but it also has to be perfect for you none of this makes sense my heart just hurts because this idea seems to be really good in my head i cant stop looking at you studying every little movement is the most wonderful the most beautiful the most perfect thing to me i cant cant stop repeating it yyou are everything ing this life i love you so much i love you so much with all my soul my love i really really do i love you eighty eight days almost eighty seven our day is so close so close so close so close its all i can think of and our day
my gifs my stuff twd the walking dead mine* oops Daryl Dixon meta carol peletier twd spoilers twd* caryl twdedit i will queue this for later so i don't crowd with twd gifs lol