• 1k my gifs snsd apink etc girl's day red velvet all the girls mamamoo groupgifs i should probably make a pt 2 bc u guys named so many cute leaders nalizzy •
aoa's jiminexid's soljired velvet's irene
girl's day's sojinapink's chorongmamamoo's solar
snsd's taeyeonrainbow's jaekyungsecret's hyosung

being (at least one of) the oldest in their groups doesn’t stop these leaders from being the cutest  ???

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1k my gifs snsd apink etc girl's day red velvet all the girls mamamoo groupgifs i should probably make a pt 2 bc u guys named so many cute leaders
1k my gifs 4minute etc girl's day red velvet AoA exid groupgifs i've been wanting to make this for a while!! this took so long man there's more groups i want to include so if u guys are interested in there being a pt 2...let me know and i will ask for recs it just amazes me how groups can go from super cute to super sexy so naturally it's great
1k my gifs f(x) request snsd 4minute etc red velvet mamamoo groupgifs DONE i did it i couldn't find hq vids of a bunch of the outfits i was looking for but i think my no. 1 outfits are the volume up era ones
1k my gifs f(x) request snsd 4minute apink 2ne1 girl's day sistar AoA groupgifs the thing is ofc the vids are uploaded on multiple channels often so most of the time there were almost all the views on one but for mr chu for ex there was 7 million on one and 11 million on the other
1k mine rainbow amber f(x) kpop snsd taeyeon 4minute miss a gain Nine Muses minah girls day 2015 tahiti red velvet dalshabet stellar hello venus exid fiestar ns yoon g crayon pop femaleidols Clc mamamoo lovelyz how should i even tag this lol
1k my gifs f(x) 4minute brown eyed girls 2ne1 girl's day secret girls day hello venus scrt groupgifs might redo the amber gif later idk but i'm so happy with this coloring ahhh
1k gifs 4minute girl's day orange caramel red velvet sins new shizz rnbw spica mamamoo
1k iu apink hyuna miss a sistar bora jia Ailee AoA naeun jiwon spica Choa groupgifs bob girls danbi it was pretty hard for me to find gifs for this gifset i thought this was cool though because seeing ppl you admire talking about the people they admire is the cutest thing! u can tell exactly how much some of them look up to their idols just by their expressions :')
infinite snsd exo iu 1000 mystuff B1A4 apink girl's day miss a tasty glam caps b.a.p nell Nine Muses vixx Bangtan Jung Joon Young mvs of the year
1k my gifs request girl's day Sojin girls day park sojin gifs:girls day there's so many more vids i wanted to put in here i hope hyuna will still be this cute at 29
1k sigh 2k girl's day hyeri girls day Lee Hyeri i spent a good 10 minutes screaming at tumblr bc it hated the yellow but this was so cute omg
1k my gifs f(x) snsd iu 4minute 2ne1 after school girls day AoA groupgifs i wanted to include lizzy and jessica and gyuri and maybe jiyoon too but yeah ;; and nana ofc is the number one blonde for me