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[6/15] favorite little girl - GRATUITY “TIP” TUCCI

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1k LOL * anastasia don bluth *gifs *anastasia NonDisneyEdit I've been laughing at this scene for about an hour so I had to gif it *Anya *Dimitri
1k mine anastasia 20th century fox anya non disney bluth AAHH nol attempts ps idk i kinda like how the colors came out? but it was accidental anyways I LOVE THIS DRESS I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL IT LOOKS LIKE STARLIGHT can i have it plz
sunggyu sggif so expressive ok this is the last one i think haha i love the things you do with your face so amusing this shit has too many frames red haired alien
myedit dreamworks non disney *mygifs Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron NonDisneyEdit mov: spirit
1k my gifs mine MY EDIT Emma Swan captain hook Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit she is loved you don't realize he's baring his heart in front of her in front of her family standing on the edge and saying the words out loud he wants her and he has hope because of her because of who she is she didn't do anything and yet she changed his life she gave him hope to change and to move on to let go of his first love because he has fallen for her so hard and it hurts because he's saying all of this just for her to save her lover he is desotrying his heart and soul for her because he's selfhle and if it's Neal he has no reason to deny her happiness he's in love and he tells her so even if it will kill him and look at Emma's face I love yours only means goodbyes to her a way to make people stay love means pain this kind of love equals pain for
mine myedits Dianna Agron her face her smile looove Dianna* your face is so wonderful i can't take it
disney happy Personal disneyland disney world princess Aurora favorites Sleeping Beauty feels Disney Princess prince phillip magic kingdom Maleficent Prince Philip Princess Aurora Briar Rose satisfaction joyful
1k * gifs 1x12 she's so pretty alison dilaurentis i love it give me your face SHE'S GORGEOUS so ironic I looove this quote so much yaii
mine dinah jane hansen i love her so much i want to climb a mountain and yell about it but i'll just sit here and chinhands at her face instead
cute 2011 sherlock i love you Benedict Cumberbatch i love him blond ish this is my favorite war horse parades end how dare you moet BIFA tinker tailer soldier spy benny batch that sweater has ever looked The frizzy bad bleached hair the flushed sweaty face he's so expressive same time as
disney movie omg pocahontas So fucking beautiful poca I just can't get over it queue: i'm not here... or maybe i am look at those colors behind her that is fucking like art right there ugh i love those colors
love funny justin bieber cute disney best movie wreck it ralph vanellope wreck it ralph gif