• 1k richard armitage Sorry it took me so long i finally made it Sorry darling but you know why Q___Q i can't even tell you how much i love you i just do very much richiecrispie •

for Laurie <3

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1k richard armitage Sorry it took me so long i finally made it Sorry darling but you know why Q___Q i can't even tell you how much i love you i just do very much
* *gif Now You See Me do you know how long this took i am so glad just to publish it jesus i love this movie so much jesus
my gif Mark Jr. *1k got7 markjin i'm sorry i know there's already existing gifs of this but let me just have my moment ok i just love my otp so much godob ye i'm not even gonna fix that typo i actually just made this to use for my header on here but well i might as well post it you know
doctor who mine. New Who Classic Who multiple gifs long post There are way too many people to tag them all haha. And I'm sorry I didn't included any of the teams from the audios or comics or novels or anything! I haven't gotten my teeth into any of  them yet so it would be a little difficult. Technically this is just the *televised* TARDIS teams. Knowing the fandom people will add anyone I missed anyway but I thought it best to clarify. I just wanted to make this before we usher in Twelve's era. You don't even want to know how long it took me haha. But it was fun. Anyway. If you're reading this and you haven't watched any classic Who yet I can't encourage you enough. I made excuses and put it off for so long and I'm so mad at myself. There's so much to enjoy! Every single team the Doctor's travelled with has been important. Every one. It's been a good fifty years.
“if you don’t have this on your blog I will judge you” I  don’t  CAAAARE
happy birthday shinee jonghyun kim jonghyun I love you. b: gif
gif 1k snsd girls generation ot9 gif:snsd snsd:group i can't put it into words you have no idea how long it took me to color this gdi how to ps I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH OKKKKK WHY DO I NOT KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS MYSELF
my stuff Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki j2 xoxo sorry not sorry j2 stuff spnedit otp: can you tie my tie? samprincesschester i LOVE THIS MOMENT SO MUCH i just really love it how much they love each other and that they are always there for each other even if it's just jensen helping jared to choose what to wear and jensen tying jared's tie for him i'm just aaahhhhhhh i'm sorry but if you think that jared and jensen don't like each other you are wrong and very very bad person
i love you i dont know Alex Turner i couldnt help it im so sorry YOUR HANDS I FEEL LIKE i dreamed of you tonight i havent talked about it anywhere yet; i dont even know how to start but it was so real it was so real i can still hear your breath im crying right now lmao i love you so much it makes me physically sick i feel weak and these pictures i dont even know what to say anymore i love you GOD how i love you i cant stop looking at these pictures again i and i cant believe i talked about the dream i hate myself it was so... it was so real... god
my gifs Racism bollywood Desi Boyz Akshay Kumar bollywood2 sorry loves I finally watched this movie yayyy also I love it when bollywood speaks on social issues so that's why I gif it so much sorry if it annoys some of you also I made a grammar mistake but it's too late to fix it
mine sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock sh SherlockEdit can you tell JW so here's something e: sherlock so i drew them I haven't made anything in ages I didn't like my fonts I can't art I'm sorry it's so much darker than what I saw on my photoshop why do I keep getting this problem
exo oh god suho i love you!!! jm: gifset i'm so emotional rn i had so many plans and i managed to make only this i'm sorry sorry sorry please enjor your birthday baby boy