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sure dean winchester spn no mygifs* mystuff* spn* spnedit spnedits season gr9 /end rant 9.02 my beautiful broken boy rockchester he doesn't swallow bc he /wants/ to do what abaddon describes he remembers hell and what he did this episode called back sam letting lucifer out of his cage this was a callback too it wasn't meant to make dean 'desire' to torture again or be 'tempted' by abaddon it was a reminder of what he did I honestly wish they would have gone into it more he liked torturing when he was in hell and surrounded by darkness but now he's topside and he has the people he cares about some of them anyway he isn't tempted to hurt innocent people does he maybe like it a little when he tortures a demon for info or smthg? but I don't believe he was tempted at all by what abaddon was saying that's my opinion anyway
bluh dgm Allen Walker blahh wow okay I'm too lazy to edit those but this would make tag rambling relevant and then I was too tired to ramble but I actually get a little upset when I rewatch or reread any part where Allen is like 'believing and trusting in my comrades is important' like in the anime fillers or the Jasdevi sub-arc or other times because I think he feels so often that his burdens are not to be shared he gets so upset when Fou goes and he tried however comedically to avoid Johnny and Kanda I don't remember where I was going with this Allen is frustrating but in a good way yet frustrating nonetheless I don't understand why people are upset with Lenalee for slapping him way back when I kind of want to slap him a bit myself hold him of course but he does need a slap too the person who increased the height on tags needs to be slapped a whole lot more though
1k I DON'T KNOW kaya scodelario sobs Dylan O'Brien the maze runner Thomas Sangster gifs(3) it doesn't matter tmredit and yeah so on so on i wanted to put some text on it too but meh idk it would look weird and i wouldn't know what text to use i thought about quotes or the subject A1 A2 thing but i don't think alby or gally has an actual subject number... or do they? anyways yooooo also i wanted to add chuck too but he doesn't have an actual scene in the trailer where his face is visible : so i just left him out cause i'm a horrible person
gifs :') anna frozen kp kristoff Disneyedit olaf kpfilm frozenedit GIFs:Frozen don't you spoil it kristoff but i wonder what would happen if he did tell him
1D I need this in my life anyway like now otp: pal & dude otp: the royal couple someone please write this and i prefer to think about this rather than about idiots breaking into liam's hotel room to steal his boxers which is awful some fans are assholes story idea things
my gifs psych Shawn Spencer henry spencer psychusa psychedit psychmoments Maddie Spencer (it's maddie right or is it maddy idk) sO LET ME TELL YOU SOME THINGS ABOUT THIS shawn's been mad at his dad since he was 18 not to mention he didn't really like all the 'training' his dad did on him when he was a kid and then his mom comes into town and it's all a surprise right hE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS COMING and she drops this bomb on him after all that time he's never been able to forgive his dad for leaving but it turns out his mom was the one who left and shawn???? forgives her right then and there and altho there's still some distance between shawn and henry this is most definitely a defining point in their relationship there's a lot of character development in this show and shawn and henry's relationship is a major contribution to that (aLSO BTW this moment iS A LOT LONGER it couldn't be fit into gifs but man i got tears watching it again) (aND I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION HENRY COMING IN TO SEE MADDIE AND HE'S MAKING SURE HE LOOKS GOOD TOO LIKE AJFKL;JLVS maddie/henry otp) and james' acting bye
doctor who eleventh doctor mine:photoset I really love this PSD a lot okay Also that first gif was being annoying But can I just talk about this gifset for a minute though? The Doctor treats Earth and the human race as his second family of sorts He travels almost entirely with humans and he spends quite a lot of time on earth He loves humans and has made that very clear Especially during The Eleventh Hour when the Atraxi questions him about Earth And he says No but I've put a lot of work into it or whatever it was So it's really curious to see how the Doctor's character has evolved over time In Eleven's beginning he was still a bouncy little puppy He loved everything and particularly his curious little humans But as his character continues to grow I guess he starts to become more weary? I'm not really sure what it is but there is a noticeable change in his character It's not so much that he grows more skeptical of the humans More that he knows he's going to die I guess So he starts to finally put himself first instead of his humans I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore but let me continue In TIA he knows he's about to die So he remarks longingly about the humans that he loves so much Resigning himself to the fact he's going to die and leave Earth behind as a WIP But in Closing Time he's preoccupied with himself and his Farewell Tour Pretending that he doesn't care about his humans because he's going to leave them and pretending he doesn't care would make leaving them ... a lot easier But in the end he really does care and helps Craig save the earth from the Cybermen So I guess in true tl;dr versions The Doctor loves the Earth and the human race They're probably his favourite species
1k mine sherlock God 4 mine: sherlock mine: edits mine: typography end. bowl is too busy and scared about her future so here have the i don't know is it minimalistic? is it typography? I'm just scared that 10 years from now we will all met again and we will realise that none of us is doing what he always wanted to do I am scared no one's going to be happy and that I won't be happy and it's just weird that somehow people want you to KNOW everything when you are only 17 like how the hell am I supposed to decide about my future when I burn all the pancakes out and can't even talk to new people how am I to choose the college and the person I want to become? ah rambles rambles the things is sometimes my head is just so full of thoughts and it helps me when I write them down write them out of my mind though I should use notebooks for this not tags what is worse though is that I don't think I am procrastinating I think I'm just doing ANYthing else just to stop being scared and stop thinking but once you start to think you can't stop
Any real Of Mice & Men fan would know that it probably takes a lot to piss off Austin. If you make f...
:) doctor who mine David Tennant ten enough dwedit the legend i hate it so much the iconic when I make gif sets like this I presuppose that you know the context of each gif here each has a special meaning for me here you can see ten giving his life to save the world and to save just one man you see him losing the woman he loves to save the world he cant kill the man who killed his daughter simply because he never would he is not proud of doctor he is and would be glad if jackson was the doctor oh yes it is so vain he chooses not to be a god when that was the most comfortable way it begs the Master to regenerate a vain time lord would choose defeat hes enemy he would choose to be the last of the time lords but that is not what he chooses because he is NOT VAIN HE HAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL moffat could just write that ten needed to regenerate but he chose to trample ten I needed to do this is my way to defend my doctor
** marauders peter pettigrew hpgif jamie bell hpedit Marauders Meme I don't know it that made any sense but I like this theory i really think he loved them but an internal force made him do it he regrets it but he's so afraid of Voldemort that he just cannot go back
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