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You’re still my favourite ‘what if’.

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The Real L Word Whitney Mixter
Tumblr Word Association
Instructions.  Reblog with the first word that comes into your head after looking at the most recent word posted. Starting Word:  Umbrella
Word List: Alternatives to "Whisper"
Instead of whispered, consider: murmured mumbled muttered breathed sighed hissed mouthed uttered intoned susurrated purred said in an undertone gasped hinted said low said into someone’s ear said softly said under one’s breath said in hushed tones insinuated
Leave a word, any word, inside my ask box, and I will tell you a fact about myself relating to that...
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this girl who rode my bus once came up to me and was like “oh my god dont get offended or anything but are you GAAAAAAAAAAY?!” and i was like yeah and then she was like “OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO HANG OUT AND GO SHOPPING” and i was like “dont get offended or anything but are...
The Last Word on That Word Debunking the oldest and worst ar...
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