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1/60 exam countdown challenge | study spot
This is my desk in my dormitory aka where the magic happens ^~^ It’s still pretty boring looking, but it’s where I like to spend early mornings or evenings (at noon the sun is in my face so not ideal then). I try to keep it neat and tidy, but I always end up surrounded by tea and scraps of paper.

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Study from day one, so you’re not crying on day 100.
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The only way to start speaking a language is to start speaking it badly
30 Day Studyblr Challenge
Hello everyone! So in my time here I haven’t really come across a studyblr challenge other than the great “100 days of productivity” meme which I know is really helping a lot of people! I know there are probably some out there but I decided to contribute too! However, I know some people struggle wi...
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Transition Words For Your Essays
Transition Signals:Transitions are words and phrases that connect ideas and show how they are related. To repeat and ideas just stated:In other words,That is,To repeat,Again,To illustrate an idea:For example,For instance,In particular,To illustrate,In this manner,Thus,To announce a contrast, a chang...
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Study tip:
Use 2 notebooks when taking notes: one for in class and one for copying the notes at home. The one in class, make it messy with add-ins, subtext, etc etc! Take down as much info as you can. Then, after class, take those messy, hard-to-read notes and re-copy them into your home notebook. These are th...
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