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This is my desk in my dormitory aka where the magic happens ^~^ It’s still pretty boring looking, but it’s where I like to spend early mornings or evenings (at noon the sun is in my face so not ideal then). I try to keep it neat and tidy, but I always end up surrounded by tea and scraps of paper.

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i wonder how many slices of pizza i’ve eaten over the course of my lifetime
christmas is so close i can almost smell the santa hats being edited into our icons
every day i realize more and more that i’m just not cut out to be an adult and that’s scary
*climbs a small set of stairs* well that’s enough exercise for today
  • me everywhere:ugh there are people here
i’m just tired and sad and want to makeout with you
does anyone else remember following just the right amount of blogs to be able to scroll through your dash every morning until you reached the last post you saw the night before