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So after watching the first episode, I’m pretty dang convinced that Stiles and Derek have had some type of significant interaction during the summer – possibly have been working together. I’ve seen a couple people mentioning this, but I haven’t seen one with all the pieces sooooo I’m writing it out.

And people are probably going to say I’m reading too deeply into things and whatnot, but well, I’m a fan, it’s my job.

First, it doesn’t seem like Scott and Stiles have had much interaction over the summer. Scott had to explain to Stiles that he and Allison were giving each other space (“no texts, no calls”), which is something you’d think Scott would have mentioned 4 months ago at least once. Or twice. A minute. All summer. (pls pls pls someone get this reference). Same with the word-a-day thing. Scott used a big word and Stiles asked if he was studying for the PSAT. If they’d been hanging out regularly, I’m going to guess Stiles would’ve been hearing a LOT of big words from Scott and would be sick of it by now, and not just now asking where it’s coming from.

Second, the Sheriff’s first line is “Oh God, please go to school.” Like, he seemed sick of having Stiles in the house and was looking forward to the relief of Stiles having to leave to go to school. Sheriff went from feeling upset about how broken their relationship was to being sick of having Stiles around? So, Stiles and Scott don’t seem to have interacted much and Stiles seems to have spent a good deal of his summer, at least the latter part, in his room. Also, we’ve never seen Stiles say in front of his dad that Chris was an experienced hunter and it seems like Scott and Stiles weren’t talking much about the Argents over the summer. I personally think Stiles might have suggested to Derek (probably over the phone) that they seek out Chris’ help with the Alpha pack, seeing as he is such “an experienced hunter,” and Derek said no.

Third, Scott mentions going to Derek, and Stiles is immediately against that. He doesn’t want Scott getting involved with Derek. Not only that, he seems more aware/concerned about Derek and his problem with Boyd and Erica than Scott. Which is pretty dang weird since Scott was the one who felt totally responsible for them last season and Stiles was trying to get Scott to just leave them be.

Fourth, when Stiles called Scott about the classroom and Scott told him to come to Derek’s, Stiles was unsurprised that Scott was with Derek. He expected it; Scott had wanted to go to Derek for help with the tattoo. He was surprised, however, that they were over at Derek’s house. Because he, unlike Scott, knew that Derek wasn’t living there anymore.

Fifth, throughout the entire time that Derek and Stiles were interacting, they kept glancing at each other. Several times. And I’d love to think it’s all “omgosh they can’t keep their eyes off each other, they’re so attracted to each other *squee*” but I really think it’s more than that. I think there was a TON of silent communication going on (see gif). They were gauging each other’s reactions, confirming theories, “should I say this?”, checking who knows what and just like a lot of other stuff. Because they know things they don’t want Scott to know. 

Sixth, okay, that whole scene when Derek was telling Scott about the Alpha pack had So. Much. Going. On. A lot of it is summed up fabulously HERE (it’s short and sweet and important, go read :D). Stiles looking so guilty, ughhh, so guilty. When Derek started explaining (“a pack of them”), Stiles didn’t look surprised. He didn’t look interested. Not curious at all. He looked frustrated. And, again because this cannot be stressed enough, guilty. This is Stiles, his curiosity is what got Scott bitten in the first place. And then there’s Derek looking to him when he mentioned his pack was looking for the Alphas. Not to mention how Stiles’ question “All of them? How does that even work?” was, oh, so weak. He didn’t even try to sound intrigued; he sounded like he was playing along.

And finally, of course, is the final shot of them. Isaac sits up and asks about the girl, and Derek immediately turns around to look at Stiles. Not Scott, who’d been at the hospital. Stiles. He looked at him like, do you know what he’s talking about? As if Stiles might have information about what happened to Isaac that Derek does not have. And when Derek turned back to Isaac, Stiles was watching Derek, not Isaac, the new, exciting, super-interesting thing in the room.

All this says to me that Derek and Stiles have been in communication about the Alpha pack  - Stiles was aware, and that they were probably working together to find them. I’m going to guess most of it was through email/text/phone call etc, but given how physically familiar and comfortable they seemed with each other, they probably saw each other a couple times, too.

I don’t know who sought out who or how it all happened, but like Derek said, he needs all the help he can get. And like he didn’t say but totally kind of did because Derek is a master of body language was that he needed all the help he could trust. I’ve got a whole other meta waiting to be written about why I think Derek doesn’t trust Scott like at all and wants to keep him out of it. But that’s for tomorrow :P

(Gif made by and used with the permission of the lovely Qhuinn)

Post-second episode follow up meta here.

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