• if you get a boner at a funeral is it called mourning wood 1k text jesuschristvevo •

if you get a boner at a funeral is it called mourning wood

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*plugs phone into computer to charge* yes my child, drain the life from your superior,
In regards to the Paris attacks, please keep in your prayers the victims, the families of the victims, the hostages, the people of Paris, and innocent people of colour especially Sikhs and Muslims that will unfortunately receive backlash from ignorant people. #PrayForParis
when bae takes more than 1 minute to reply back 
i firmly believe if calum was drunk and saw a puppy he’d deadass start crying
My problem is that I’ll randomly get really motivated to do shit, but it’s within such a small window of time that I must do the thing at that EXACT moment and if I don’t the moment passes and I’ll have to wait like at least whole month for another random burst of motivation to do the thing ya feel
It is 2015 and I just saw someone get mad at “fake geek girls” dressing as Harley Quinn for Halloween. In the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen.
not being included in an inside joke
i hate small talk, tell me about all the foreskins you have seen
reblog if disloyal order of water buffaloes
boyfriend requirements: - lmao idc just don’t fuck me up
i’m like a romanceable npc if you compliment me once per day for a week straight you unlock the dialogue option to marry me