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Oh, we will face each other again. I promise you. S o o n, very soon.

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mine grant gustin The Flash barry allen dcedit iris west reverse flash candice patton CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE IRIS AND BARRY MOMENT IN THE TRAILER THO OMMMMGGG
1k gif* The Flash barry allen oliver queen theflashedit oliver's dramatic entrances/exits is what i live for he's just like peace out homie i hope central city is kinder to you than starling city if not good luck flashedit barry has such big heart eyes for oliver i'm done i have failed this city with this gifset i'm sorry
* grant gustin The Flash arrow flash barry allen hell yeah Hell yeah theflashedit IM SO READY FOR THIS and it's filming in vancouver grant gustin i'm comin for ya
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Flashes have the best butts ever
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