• 1k * whatever Back to the Future bttfedit i've been waiting for this since 1992 dvd quality sucks so much grumpybilbo •

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1k * whatever Back to the Future bttfedit i've been waiting for this since 1992 dvd quality sucks so much
my gifs mine movies Back to the Future today is the day marty mcfly bttfedit doc emmett brown it's already october 21 where i live i was waiting for this moment my whole life
1k * 30 rock Pete Hornberger tracy morgan tracy jordan Scott Adsit *30 rock 30rockedit this has been in my drafts since march it's the best joke in the world but my files are shitty dvd quality so the gifs didn't come out well but whatever just throwing it up now cause i'm sick of scrolling by it when i'm picking posts to queue
~ Back to the Future gtkm bttfedit i love this movie so much i wanna be marty mcfly
the hobbit 1000 an unexpected journey is it too early for this i've been waiting to post it since saturday i'm overexcited sorry
mine once upon a time ouat Emma Swan Rumbelle ouat spoilers Baelfire mine: ouat neal cassidy nealfire because it's about them I couldn't wait till the episode to gif this okay I've been waiting for this since forever and now I'll patiently wait for the actual Nealfire/Belle meeting after she gets her memories back of course I love your face MRJ please stay forever and ever
Harry Styles 1D Sketch bw anyway.. zine rosketch i've been drawing him in this angle so much even since 'as he that sleeps here swims' i love it so much i draw it again and again and my hand start to remember :'0 *siiiiggghh* i miss harry del rey so much i want the bandana hipsy coachella harry back sometime.... or a lot of times...
my shit Final Fantasy finally xv And Finally final fantasy xv WRITING IT LIKE THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I'VE BEEN WAITING 5? 6 YEARS SINCE VERSUS WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED???? i got rate limited 3 times on twitter in the past 13 hours bcuz of this i have so much to say but i don't know where to start just know that i seriously cried while watching sony's stream ESPECIALLY WHEN NAKAYUU AND FUJIWARA HAPPENED if kakki is still prompto on top of that i. i. i. thank god the PS4 is region free.
1k lyrics castle HALSEY vickisedits pretty happy with this I think this lyric way too much I might do more of these kinds of ones and there's this one YMAS song I've been wanting to make an edit for since forever... But there are a lot of lyrics so...
1k Seungri 2k taeyang mp bigbang baeri welcoming collection i've been screaming for two days because of this because baeri is HEYHEEEHSSSDDD first of all OIIIIIIIOIOOOIWOHQOOWO WHAT KINDA DEVELOPMENT SO SEWEWWEEET also he's so cute when he talks IM btw dont worry im not gonna gif everything im done if ur waiting for your dvd one more later tho haahh
my gif David Tennant i've been waiting for someone to gif this since forever but no paul o'grady show
doctor who amy pond karen gillan matt smith Eleven my stuff don't even ask me what this is I'm back to proper graphics and not to picspams it's been ages since I made one and you see how much this sucks lol also I've just come back from the cinema where I saw Thor 2 but that's another thing entirely