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1k Zayn Malik * Zayn 5k 10k 15k 20k mf 25k 30k

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1k Zayn Malik * Zayn 5k 10k 15k 20k mf 25k 30k
mtv y'all are honestly the nastiest fucking station giving tyga his own show, making police brutality jokes, and having this racist ass white bitch hosting this show wearing this appropriative mess on her god damn head wtf
why is having a mostly female fanbase so looked down upon? are girls less loyal? do they like music less then boys? why when girls like pop music are they told they are a stereotypical girl but when they like any other type of music they are considered fake? why can’t girls like things without them ...
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are you an iPhone 5c cause you look cheap and plastic
the gays are ruining the sanctity of marraige
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we were in an elevator and there was a sign saying the maximum amount of people allowed in it was 21 and my dad was like “you could fit that pilots band in here”
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  • Aries:You are scared to let your walls fall down, but you are strong. You needn't hide in a shell. Take your time.
  • Taurus:You are secure. You are okay.
  • Gemini:Your emotions are valid. You need not bury them for other people's comfort. Your needs are important too.
  • Cancer:You're not a burden. To anyone. Your sensitivity is not a flaw.
  • Leo:You are cared about. You are needed. You are loved.
  • Virgo:One is their own biggest critic, but I assure you you're doing great.
  • Libra:You're lovely. Inside and out.
  • Scorpio:You are safe. Your thoughts are your own.
  • ...