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2000s nostalgia throwback playlist mixes scopophobia cw mymixes

WHY NOT?; a mix filled with my favorite songs from 2000s teen movies [LISTEN]

1. ”miracles happen” by myra (from the princess diaries) 2. ”why can’t i?” by liz phair (from 13 going on 30) 3. ”milkshake” by kelis (from mean girls) 4. ”perfect day” by hoku (from legally blonde) 5. ”i’ll be” by edwin mccain (from a cinderalla story) 6. ”what i like about you” by lillix (from freaky friday/13 going on 30) 7. ”what dreams are made of” by hilary duff (from the lizzie mcguire movie) 8. ”cinderella” by the cheetah girls (from the cheetah girls) 9. ”drama queen (that girl)” by lindsay lohan (from confessions of a teenage drama queen) 10. ”ultraviolet” by the stiff dylans (from angus, thongs, and perfect snogging) 11. ”hey mickey” by b*witched (from bring it on) 12. ”better open the door” by motion city soundtrack (from john tucker must die) 13. ”i’m not a girl, not yet a woman” by britney spears (from crossroads) 14. ”someone’s watching over me” by hilary duff (from raise your voice) 15. ”long time coming” by oliver james (from what a girl wants) 16. ”4ever” by the veronicas (from she’s the man) 17. ”get a clue” by simon and milo (from get a clue) 18. "these days" by chantal kreviazuk (from the sisterhood of the traveling pants)

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